The Road to Europe Pt.1

The Road to Europe Pt.1


Hi guys,

In a previous post I outlined the great partnerships we have with the community.

Iron Armour is organising a tour to Europe taking a squad of over 30 Rugby Union players to play against Lyon U20 and Bourne U20 in France and participating in a World Rugby Festival in Portugal. How exciting!

So in preparation for our tour to Europe I thought I’d give you a monthly insight into how we are getting to Europe.

Right now we are heavy into fundraising for the tour as each team member is looking to raise $4,500 for the all expenses tour to Europe.

That’s quite a bit of money for the opportunity to get overseas!

But like all good things that come from challenges - it teaches you how to push on when things are tough.

If you are willing to donate to the Iron Armour cause (which would be greatly appreciated and a full tax receipt can be issued) please follow this link - HERE.

Keep an eye out for the next update coming to you in December!




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