SPOTLIGHT ON - Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.1

SPOTLIGHT ON - Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.1


Hi guys,

Alyssa is a young Iron Armour athlete who enjoys playing basketball and Rugby.

On Aug 28 playing Rugby League Allyssa was caught awkwardly in a tackle and she completely tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and tore 50% of her medial collateral ligament (MCL).

She was reviewed by her specialist in September and underwent a total knee reconstruction in Oct 2018.

This is her story.


So what is an ACL tear and why is it so serious?

The ACL is a key ligament inside the knee which helps stabilise the knee.

If you tear the ACL then the knee becomes unstable and can feel ‘sloppy’.

The reason why it’s a serious injury especially for an athlete is because it can keep you out of sport for over 6-12 months depending on how severe the injury is.

If you injured the ACL + the meniscus (cartilage) + the MCL then you’re likely to miss more then 12 months of sport.

If it’s just the ACL then I’d be optimistic that you’ll recover in 6-9 months.

So what is an ACL reconstruction?

The most popular method especially for athletes is called a hamstring graft ACL reconstruction.

Basically, the surgeon takes a small part of your hamstring tendon and sticks it in the knee (grafts). This is the reason why ACL reconstructions take a long time to heal.

It’s because you are allowing a tendon (hamstring) to slowly mature into a ligament (ACL graft).

Remember Allyssa completely tore the ligament and so the surgeon is fixing her knee by taking a little part of the hamstring tendon and placing in the knee to stabilise it.

Hence, an ACL reconstruction = re-constructing the anterior cruciate ligament.

So in summary here are the rehab goals for Allyssa to achieve:

Stage 1: 0 to Month 3 post operation

  • Reduce pain and swelling

  • Achieve full knee bending and straightening

  • Start some gentle lower leg strengthening work

Stage 2: Month 2-6

  • Start some straight line running

  • Increase the strengthening load on the knee

  • Start some agility/jump work

Stage3: Month 6-9+

  • Return to sport specific conditioning work

  • Return to monitored sports training

  • Return to sport

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and we’ll keep you updated of Allyssa’s well being journey!


Big shoutout to Nick Longhurst Head S&C at ACE Performance for assisting Alyssa with her ACL rehabilitation!



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