SPOTLIGHT ON - Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.5

SPOTLIGHT ON - Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.5


Hi guys,

This is Part 5 of Allyssa’s knee rehabilitation - she’s now 9 months post op!

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Allyssa has been recently reviewed by her treating specialist and he’s been impressed with the amount of work Allyssa has completed for her R ACL reconstruction!

She has completed a measured running and power protocol from our friends at ACE Performance under the watchful eye of Nick Longhurst.

The orthopedic specialist has recommended that she return to 95% of her pre injury activities the only thing to watch out for is game like contact work.

That’s such a relief as we pointed out in earlier blog posts Allyssa would be looking at a 6-12 month prognosis to returning back to full sport.

So now that we have the approval from the surgeon Allyssa will continue with her power and running protocol but now look to include measured contact work and monitor other areas of concern.

We performed our Body Assessment Tool (B.A.T) Test on Allyssa and found some key areas that can do with more strengthening and control work.

  1. L hip strength

  2. R single balance

  3. Low back/pelvic tilting control

These ‘minor’ issues can be improved to help the overall performance of Allyssa’s athletic ability.

I hope you found this post helpful and we’ll keep you updated of Allyssa’s well being journey!

P.s More information on our BAT Test coming soon…


Big shoutout to Nick Longhurst Head S&C at ACE Performance for helping Alyssa with her ACL rehabilitation!



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