Footscray Rugby Union Club Season 2019 Wrap Up

Footscray Rugby Union Club Season 2019 Wrap Up


My first year as Head Physio at the Dog Pound is done and dusted. 


Had a great year as the coaching staff and players were all very friendly and easily approachable. This made our job (ProTrainers and myself) a lot easier as there was cohesive communication. 

However it was not a great year for Seniors on the field with results not going our way but it was a pleasure seeing the young colts boys stepping up and playing some good rugby against some strong outfits. 


These boys showed heart along with the other senior players who showed up week in week out. 

It was a disappointing season but the rebuild for next year has already begun. Aside from the seniors, Western Districts and Juniors all did well in their respective seasons which was good to see.

It was also great to see the ProTrainers developing throughout the season with their strapping skills becoming more proficient with the amount of bodies they had to go through per game seeing them become confident sports trainers. 

All coaches and players were grateful for their help and made my job a lot easier. 

From an injury point of view, we were lucky with only a handful of players being sidelined for extended periods from Seniors all the way down to 18s. 

Major injuries included Grade 2 MCL knee injury and lateral ankle sprains which rehabilitated well and both players returned to rugby with conservative treatment. 

However a fractured thumb, and a broken finger both required surgery and unfortunately sidelined for rest of the season. 

There were plenty of soft tissue injuries along the way consisting of hamstring, concussions, joint sprains, shoulder subluxations and ankle sprains. 

These injuries were considered all on the minor side of the spectrum and sidelined between 1-4 weeks. 

Overall it was a good season from an injury perspective and was an honour to be the Head Physio at Footscray Rugby Union Club for 2019.



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