Leave request


To ensure the correct leave type is used and that you are paid accordingly, please follow the steps below. 

1. Fill out this form as soon as you can – If you're away, call through to inform your Manager – Then fill out the form on your phone.

2. You will receive an email approval from HR within 24 hours – If it has been longer: Call your manager!

3. Payroll rely on HR Approvals – You will only get paid if your approval is sent to Payroll.

• Annual leave requests need to be given with reasonable notice of at least 4 weeks.

Medical Certificate Information (if on a employee contract only)

A Medical Certificate for 'Sick Leave' is required for the following instances:

• Before or after a weekend or public holiday
• If you are absent for two or more consecutive days
• If you have had more than two individual sick days in a financial year and a certificate was not submitted 

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