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We are a Physiotherapy clinic built on one passion; to help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life.

When Leki Sisifa founded ProPhysio+, he was on a mission to build a centre focused on helping people with their pain and injuries. A physiotherapist himself, Leki's passion for health and fitness was the driving force behind his determination to make ProPhysio+ a reality, and offer people of all ages and physical capabilities a safe, nurturing environment to focus on their well being.

By combining injury prevention, fitness training and personal health management, ProPhysio+ is quickly emerging as an industry leader in health and fitness, with a growing team of degree-qualified professionals who share Leki's commitment to health, we're building a strong team ready to assist you.

We treat you as an individual, incorporating your personal abilities and goals into a fully individualised treatment plan. This approach enables us to help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster without the risk of injury.

Get in touch on (03) 8360 5359 and let us know how we can help you with your recovery and physical goals.

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