About Us

What we believe

Our BIG Vision is Unlimited Human Movement.

Achieving optimal health means different things to different people.

To most it’s about enjoying your life without the risk of injury whether you’re young or old, new to rehabilitation and exercise or a seasoned pro.

We all want the freedom to move.

Our MASSIVE Mission is Delivering Lifelong Health.

We’ve helped thousands of people break through their health, fitness and wellbeing concerns by addressing chronic disease factors of being under-strengthened, unfit, under-nourished and over-stressed.

Our Culture is about following your H.E.A.R.T built on our foundational Core Values:











Pro Physio Plus Core Values


Hard Over Easy

There are no shortcuts. Where you feel constraint is where you need to do the work. Whether it’s rehab, having a hard conversation… Be Honest!


Earn Freedom

Anything worthwhile is hard earned. Fight for your freedom. Work for it. Be the person you need to be to achieve your goals. Earn it.


Lifelong Health

Understand that time and health is not guaranteed. Longevity and happiness comes from being self aware. Be self aware.


Grow or Die

Growth comes from adapting to the challenges in front of you and maintaining a healthy level of optimism.  Be real.


Curiosity Over Judgement

Understanding why things are without judgement will reveal truth.  This is achieved best with a curious mind rather than a judgemental one!

What We Offer

Lifelong Health

Our staff have been trained by International leaders in musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation principles. We apply the principles of Prof. Stuart McGill (The McGill Method), Dr. Andrew Lock (The Lock Activations), Dr. Kieran Richardson (Treatment Planning), James Schomburgk (Manual to Great Therapy), Sebastian Oreb (Australian Strength Coach) and many more.

Collaborative Care

In order to achieve Unlimited Human Movement and deliver Lifelong Health we believe in a client first and collaborative team approach. We listen to your concerns and help you build your picture of health with an approach that matches your physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. We can assist you with a referral to other health professionals if required.

Holistic Results

Surgery, invasive injections and harsh medications are quickly becoming unpopular as the community are wanting to explore conservative options first. What we want is better sleep, less stress, eating well and safe exercise. This is a sure way to minimise the risk of chronic disease and injury. We are full members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association which guides us on ethical guidelines and professional code of conduct.

Physio Plus Much More

We offer you a strong base with Physiotherapy which involves a robust assessment, objective movement, strength and pain testing, manual therapy and treatment, exercise rehabilitation and clinical exercise PLUS additional services of remedial massage therapy, strength & conditioning, personal training and 1:6 small group exercise.

The core part of our approach is achieving the outcome that is important to you.


What should I expect from my first appointment?

Physiotherapy initial consult: Before your initial consult, you will be sent an online registration form sent via email or SMS text. This process will streamline your initial sessions as our team members will have all the important information for your appointment, including but not limited to: doctor’s referrals, scans and imaging, pre-visit questionnaires and consent forms.

Your first physiotherapy and remedial massage consultation will begin with a subjective examination in which the clinician will ask questions to ascertain the purpose of your visit. This will be followed by an objective evaluation, which can include an assessment on our VALD technology (in our Hoppers Crossing location), that will help you understand your body and guide your treatment plan. The physiotherapy treatment offered may include any combination of manual therapy, education surrounding your presentation, and therapeutic modalities (such as cupping or dry needling).

To continue your care and rehabilitation, you will be provided with a personalised exercise program through the TeleHab app. This will allow you to complete your exercise program independently and safely while providing feedback to our team members about your progress. At the end of your first visit, your Physiotherapist will present you with a 1-page treatment plan to assist with accountability and a clear plan moving forward.

Physiotherapy follow-up consult: On your return for a follow-up consult, your clinician will briefly ask questions to determine how you are tracking. Your clinician may also reassess the same tests performed in the initial consultation to see how you have progressed. This will be followed by appropriately selected treatment methods and exercise.
Small supervised group exercise (Physio or Sports scientist led): If your Physiotherapist determines that you will benefit most from exercise immediately, you will be recommended to book an exercise gym session. During this session, you will be assigned an exercise program and equipped with everything you will need to perform your exercise program. Additionally, we will provide the supervision of a Physiotherapist or Exercise Scientist who can offer feedback, answer any questions, and modify your exercise program as necessary to make sure you are continuously progressing toward your goals.

VALD testing service: You may be referred for VALD testing (available only at our Hoppers Crossing clinic) by a practitioner you have seen, or you may seek VALD testing for your own purposes. VALD testing services incorporate electronic objective testing measures using VALD technology (equipment that is utilised by high performance and health practitioners globally) to accurately assess movement quality and strength. This information is presented to you in a concise report and can be used to help guide health or performance interventions and inform decision-making around treatment or training approaches.

What if I have private health insurance?

Depending on your private health insurance policy you can qualify for an immediate health insurance rebate. This rebate varies from policy to policy and fund to fund. For more information please contact your health insurance company. Once you have processed your rebate any remaining amount to be paid is your ‘gap payment’. You can make this via EFT or cash. We suggest that you ensure your plan includes extras for Physiotherapy.

Where can I park for my appointment?

We have ample parking available across all locations.

Hoppers Crossing location: Please look for the City West Yamaha store on the Old Geelong Road Service Road (best to enter slip lane just after Dunlop Road)

Kyneton location: Please look for Kyneton Medical Centre (bluestone building) and you can park on the gravel grounds adjacent or in the marked bays or ample parking across the road on Market Street

Truganina location: There is dedicated parking for Forsyth Park Medical Centre customers

What should I wear to my appointment?

Please try and wear loose comfortable clothing that can allow access to the injury area or area of concern.

Can I have access to all my performance testing data?

Yes. It can be sent to you via a pdf report.

What makes Pro Physio+ different from other health clinics?

We believe in both Ancestral Health principles and modern technology to both assess and treat our clients. Our view on strong bodies, good nutrition, great sleep and stress management coupled with objective data from technology and equipment from VALD Performance gives our clients better results and more gratitude from our team members in changing lives.

What is the cost of treatment at Pro Physio+?

Our clinicians have a variety of experience and we position that experience accordingly.
We have two tiers of Physiotherapy service: Standard and Senior Physiotherapy where the difference is based on experience and/or further specialist training.

A Senior Physiotherapist has over 10+ years of experience and/or has an APA Specialisation.

Initial Senior Physio consult is $109 and follow up is $89.

Initial Standard Physio consult is $99 and follow up is $79

All physiotherapy initial consultations are 40 mins and follow up consultations are 20-30 mins. Please note treatment costs and times may vary.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

No. You can make an appointment anytime with any of our team members without a referral from a GP or specialist. Please note that we do not bulk bill Medicare EPC plan although we do offer a rebate. For example if your session cost is $89 then you will be asked to pay the full amount on the appointment day and a Medicare rebate ($56) will be processed automatically and deposited into your Medicare-linked bank account within 24 hours. This will leave you with an out of pocket cost of $33.

Do you charge out of pocket for Workcover, TAC, DVA and NDIS clients?

No. As long as you have an active claim number or approval plan we will coordinate the invoices and costs to your employer, insurer or relevant third party.

We are Early Intervention Framework Physiotherapists which means we are specially trained to treat, manage and progress Workcover and TAC clients for the best outcomes.

The cost of our service will be aligned to the schedule of fees advertised by the organisation so that means there is no direct cost to our clients from Workcover, TAC, DVA and NDIS.