We deliver collaborative healing care today across all our service providers!

We are a Physiotherapy clinic built on one passion; to help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life – Lifelong Health.
The 21 Day Health Challenge is best suited to new ProPhysio+ clients or existing clients who would like to complete Assessment, Testing, Treatment and Planning for your success in Health.

You will be receiving over $600 of value over 3 weeks!

✅ 1 X 60 min Full Body Movement Assessment & Physio Treatment
✅ 2 X 40 min Remedial Massage Sessions
✅ Specific Strength & Rehabilitation Program for your current pain/problem
✅ Access to our exclusive Rehab GYM! (Private for our members only)
✅ One-on-one accountability coaching by our professional onsite physios
✅ 5 x 45 min Gym Workout Sessions
✅ 1 x 30 min Physio Reassessment & Treatment
✅ 1 X Movement Analysis by VALD Technology (used by professional teams in AFL, NRL, NFL, and many more)

This special testing provides us with the opportunity to understand and assess your current pain problems, identify and correct movement patterns that can cause pain and tailor a personalised solution to your specific problem.

That is 2 x Physio sessions, 2 x Massage sessions, 5 x Gym sessions and a specific strengthening program with access to our members only gym location!
This is a perfect program for people trying to get back in shape, plateaued with group training and those suffering ongoing pain and disability.