Pro Physio+ believe we are all unique in our experiences, beliefs and outcomes.

It’s something to acknowledge and celebrate that we are all on our own health journey.

Your pain problem may be related to your muscular weakness. Correct that and you’re brand new again.

For others it may be related to your movement pattern, poor spine and lifting mechanics, poor stress and self belief, nutrition plan, time management and home working environment.

Correct any of these and your bandwidth for life and happiness can increase 10-fold or more!

We want our clients to experience that, with our help, using time-proven wisdom of exercise, nutrition, belonging and wellbeing you will move closer to your Unlimited Human Movement and achieve Lifelong Health.

Here at Pro Physio+ we offer a range of physio services

General Physio
Strength & Conditioning
Sports Physio
Spinal Management
Personal Training

Our physiotherapists are experts in treating a variety of injuries and pains to help you get moving again. We pride ourselves on our ongoing upgrading of clinical expertise and application of world-leading human movement technology to make sure our clients are happy, fulfilled and have unlimited movement.

Our physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment options which includes:


  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Massage
  • Exercise prescription
  • Electrotherapy – ultrasound, tens, heat and ice
  • Biomechanical assessments, gym lifting technique and running assessments
  • Strapping and fitting of braces or gait aids
  • Postural correction e.g. scoliosis, headaches and shoulder blade pain
  • Education on lifestyle, fitness and worksite safety
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Workplace, motor vehicle and armed forces injuries
  • NDIS approved conditions
  • Sporting injuries
  • Pre- and post-surgical treatment
  • and much more!

Strength and conditioning is a component of allied health service which can affect the management of injury, disability, and chronic disease.

Physiotherapists are qualified experts who provide clinical treatment through movement analysis and exercise prescription.

These sessions are specifically intended for people in pain or dysfunction and want more time and expertise to craft a specific health solution.

Initial sessions are 90 mins and follow up sessions are 60 mins with an Internationally aligned McGill Method practitioner.

Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy which involves the assessment, diagnosis and management of sporting injuries.

We have physiotherapists who have expert training and experience in the sports field as well as clinicians who have worked with state, national and local teams.

As a testament to Pro Physio+ reputation in the sports setting our physiotherapists have recently been or are currently working with many sporting teams including;

    • Dehli Commonwealth Games
    • Touch Football Victoria
    • Footscray Rugby Union Club
    • Werribee Bears Rugby League Club

The Tongan Rugby Union Team

  • Iron Armour Academy
  • Athletics Victoria
  • Rugby Victoria
  • Melbourne Rebels – Rising Program


Our Physiotherapists are trained in the latest evidence-based treatment of acute and chronic spinal conditions.

Our team members go through a specific examination process with clients whereby at the end of the process you will be given a specific diagnosis, provided with appropriate and timely education and prescribed treatment programs customised to the condition identified.

Treatment options provided include hands-on management in the early stages and will be complemented with a specialised rehabilitation program utilising AI and health technology to prescribe specific exercises improving strength and provide maximum support for injured spinal structures.

We are also strong referrers to Pain Management clinics in the region if it is appropriate.

Clinical rehabilitation is a unique form of exercise following the strength & conditioning principles of The McGill Method, Physiotherapy expertise and supervised small group training.

We offer one on one services as well as group sessions with a maximum of six participants within one block of training. All sessions are guided and supervised by a Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist or Personal Trainer.

Exercises will utilise a combination of the pin-loaded gym equipment, free weights and resistance power bands in conjunction with our guided exercise app to help your rehabilitation and recovery.

Supervised strengthening programs are individually built and tailored to your needs, specific functional goals and current level of function. We provide support for a wide range of clients presentations, from post-operative rehabilitation to sport specific strength & conditioning.

We provide a safe environment to exercise after injury or surgery and will progress appropriately as you regain your strength and confidence.

Private health insurance rebate available.

eMovement Testing is performed to measure your musculoskeletal health.

Pro Physio+ uses world-leading technology in its screening assessments, meaning that your results are backed by the most precise human movement data available.

Some of the most common uses of screening assessments include measuring muscle imbalances, posture issues, movement patterns, mobility, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

VALD Health systems cater to every step of your health journey, including:

  • Initial musculoskeletal assessment
  • In-clinic treatment and exercise
  • At home exercise prescription
  • Reassessment and review

At every step your progress is recorded and analysed in real-time, then communicated back to you with live data visualisation and reports; making for a seamless experience for both the clinician and client to make faster, easier decision-making for quicker precise recovery.

A remedial massage therapist undergoes extensive training to gain advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Used for the prevention and management of injuries, particularly soft tissue injuries.

Therapists are trained to assess your body, observe changes over time and design individual treatment plans for each client.

Remedial massage is so much more than a “feel-good” massage as specific techniques are used to address your injury, postural or joint issues.

Remedial massage can be performed in conjunction with other health professionals such as a Physiotherapist as part of a whole treatment plan.

Coming Soon.

21 Day Health Challenge

We are a Physiotherapy clinic built on one passion; to help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life – Lifelong Health.

The 21 Day Health Challenge is best suited to new ProPhysio+ clients or existing clients who would like to complete Assessment, Testing, Treatment and Planning for your success in Health.

Unlimited Pack

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