5 Things Physio Leki Does Everyday

Dec 16, 2022 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

“When you’re young you want to look older but as you get older you wish to be young again”…
Being a ‘health professional means that I experienced and specialise in providing health care.

My field of health is Physiotherapy.

The science of movement and pain.

Physios help you move better and get out of pain.

Now I have had my own issues regarding movement and pain.

Playing Rugby for many years I copped my fair share of war wounds… believe me!

Both AC joint grade 2 sprains, R rotator cuff tear, L hamstring tear, R calf tear, finger sprains, wrist pain, rolled ankles (both), L knee meniscus tear and concussion x 4.

Plus being a Dad of 3 and losing that free “Leki time” and deciding to hang up the boots didn’t do wonders for my health. I put on 30 kgs, flat batteries, low energy and had issues with constant headaches.

It took me over 6 years to correct course and below is a list of things I do daily as my non-negotiables (this has and will continue to evolve over time):

✅ Drink 2L of water and prioritise protein in nutrition plan

✅ > 6 hours of deep restorative sleep

✅ Perform @andrew_lock_strength “Base 5” activations

✅ Modify sitting with kneeling and standing

✅ Write a journal entry and say “I love you” to my family

I’m covering all my bases here with nutrition, sleep, stress regulation and movement/exercise.

What do your non-negotiables look like??️ Click the link in the bio and “Book an Appointment ?” with me and I’ll get you moving better and out of pain!