Aarvi’s Current Gym Plan

Oct 22, 2020 | Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

Hi Guys, Aarvi here This is a more personalised blog post on what my current gym plan is and how I have modified my training during this lockdown period. It definitely has been a tough and difficult time for all of us. For myself as you know, gym and training is everything for me. It is my temple and where I can let go and unleash any frustration/ anger at the weights. Especially with what has happened with my family. I have always trained at the gym so never had the need to have equipment at home, therefore I did not have much equipment besides the old school iron dumbbells and a small bar.

At the time I thought it was enough, thinking gyms would be open soon, unfortunately that was not the case. So I had to finally give in and splash some cash. That was not easy as a lot of equipment was sold out. So I slowly started buying equipment and my first purchase was an olympic power bar from Verve and some bumper plates from Apex day-1. Then as items came to stock or seen on fb marketplace I purchased more equipment.


When gyms were open I was training 5 days a week with a hybrid program at Crunch fitness Hopper Crossing + 1 PT session with Md (my coach) up at Bodyworld Balaclava. Definitely a place to check out if you enjoy your training. All equipment and machines are personalised and one of a kind. No other make has been made and you definitely can see and feel the difference when you use them

The start of Lockdown I was training 6x a week with an upper/lower body split + 2 short 15-20min HIIT circuits at the park. The reason for the extra training was it was one of the biggest things that was keeping my mind occupied. However 2 months in I started to notice the muscle soreness and fatigue which was starting to affect my training. So I had to restructure my program to just 4 days a week.

My main goal has been to trim down slightly and to really work on the technique on my big 3 lifts. This can be very taxing on the body focusing on the control and tempo.

I should have really practiced what I preached as I was clearly overtraining prior.

Some different techniques that I incorporated have been over the lockdown period to improve technique due to the lack of equipment and gave my coach the chance to play around with different methods.

  • Deficit paused deadlift which helps in sitting in the hole deeper when you deadlift
  • 1-2 sec paused High Bar and front squat which helps in staying tight at the bottom of the squat and to not use momentum to get you up
  • 3-second eccentric and concentric deadlift which helps in improving leg drive to lift the bar and challenging the tightness when lowering. This has been probably the most difficult and taxing on the body
  • Paused bench press which makes sure you are not just using momentum and/or elastic recoil of chest-area tissues to accelerate the bar off the chest to lockout
  • Elevated paused front squat to assist with being comfortable with knees going past toes and staying upright as much as possible

As you can see that they are still encompassing the same big 3 lifts but just making them more challenging to help improve the overall technique of the lift as that has been my main goal and not paying any attention to the numbers of the lift.

Leave your ego at the door as they say, always start light and build up. Every time I thought I was making progress my coach would change the method or exercise slightly and would have to start from scratch. This has been frustrating as I just want to lift heavy loads with good technique but then I just look back and see how much better my technique is looking and will all be worth it in the long run

Short term pain for long term gain as they say.

So here is my current plan:

I have 2-3 weeks on this program then I will be changing to a more hypertrophy (muscle building) based program. I will most likely look at a Push Pull Lower split, as that has worked well for me previously I hope this gives you some aspiration or an idea on what you can try for your own program. The recommendation I have learnt is to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve for the day. So as you can see in my program my main focus is on the big 3 lifts and the 4th day is hitting areas that get neglected and to help with my bench This time has been very different for us but working together we will come out of it stronger As always #MakingHealthySimple