Chronic Disease Pt.4 – What is Autoimmune Disorder?

Apr 8, 2019 | Chronic Disease, Written by Leki | 0 comments

Chronic Disease Pt.4 – What is Autoimmune Disorder?

Hi guys,

Last month we presented Stroke which explains issues that arise from a clot in your bloodstream.

My intention today is to present this complicated condition for everyday people just like me.

“Making Healthy Simple” is our motto so let’s stay true to form.

Today’s episode is on a complex chronic disease called Autoimmune Disorder.

So before we talk about the problem let’s talk about what’s normal.

First off the immune system is the body’s specialised cells which identify and fight against infection-causing agents (pathogens) such as bacteria or viruses.

Think of the immune system as the SWAT team (a specialised military force) targeting baddies (infection/pathogens).

How does the immune system identify pathogens (baddies)? Through something called antibodies!

Think of antibodies as flags that are pinned on baddies so that the SWAT team (immune system) can identify the baddies (pathogens) and destroy them!

Imagine if the body accidentally pins the flag on friendly structures instead of the baddies.

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the immune system mistakenly targets its own friendly tissues rather then fighting infections/pathogens.

Why is that a problem?

This is a serious problem because if the body is fighting against itself there’s no limit to where the trouble can start and when it’ll stop.

That’s what causes the Autoimmune disorder.

There’s a lot of different structures within the body that can be affected.

Here’s a quick list –

So how can you fix this problem?

Some simple measures you can take action right now is quite conservative.

Think about the situation surrounding your onset of autoimmune disorder and it may involve a large stressful event which triggers the body’s malfunction.

So strategies to reduce your stress and inflammation is important.

Things like meditation, breathing techniques and coping strategies would be a good place to start.

I’d also consider the food that you’re eating to ensure it’s on the lower end of the inflammatory index so it can curb the inflammatory reaction of the body.

Here’s a handy explanatory video that I’ve found helpful:

Naturally, consult your Doctor on appropriate medical strategies to manage your autoimmune disorder but do what you can to manage your condition conservatively so the medical intervention is even more effective!

Keep things simple and stay healthy.

Look out for the next chronic disease episode next month!


– Leki