Initiatives & Partnerships

Mar 6, 2019 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

Initiatives & Partnerships

Today I’d like to shine the light on the partnerships and initiatives within ProPhysio+.

A partnership is important because both groups share a common goal and can work together to further their individual goals.

We have a new team member – Aarvinder Sandhu who will be the Head Physio at Footscray Rugby Union Club and assist with our other initiatives I’ll outline below.

It’s been great to have him onboard and he’s doing a great job!

I’m heading away on a Rugby tour to Europe which I’m documenting – HERE.

Iron Armour Academy are a not-for-profit organisation assisting young people in the ‘game of life’. This includes on-field assistance such as sports development and off-field assistance such as mentoring programs.

We are assisting their initiative with athletic screening programs, education nights and simple health promotion among their athletes, families and friends.

We have also partnered up and sponsor Jofre Fitness by providing health support to their clients who are making their 10 week body transformations.

We are also building a sports trainer program for University students, providing medical support and first aid for community sports clubs to help improve sports management of club injuries by funneling injuries to ProPhysio+.

“ProTrainer+” is the course that is being built and I’ll have a whole blog post on this topic later in the month introducing the main people in the program.

We are also excited to be opening a new clinic location in Kyneton about an hour north from Melbourne. It will be in partnership with Kyneton Medical Centre – again more information on that soon 🙂

Thank you to all past, current and future partners.

ProPhysio+ will continue to serve our community to the best standard by driving our mission of #KeepingHealthySimple

Have a great day,


– Leki