Iron Armour (Pt.1)

Jan 17, 2020 | Iron Amour Series, Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

Iron Armour (Pt.1)

Hi guys,

Aarvi here, this is part 1 of a sequence of blog posts regarding Iron Armour. So who are Iron Armour Academy?

Iron Armour are one of our great partners, and they are a non-for-profit organisation based on Christian Values.

They are dedicated in assisting young people, with not only their sporting abilities but also their life skills offering some great programs so be sure to check them out!

I have been working closely with Iron Armour over the past few months making sure all their athletes are under check and any injuries are being managed accordingly.

Currently the 20 week RECON Program is under way which is a program that is conducted during the off-season for all ages as it varies from Mini Giants (5-10yrs), Little Giants(11-14), Emerging Athletes (15+).

Over the course of the program coaches and myself have been collaborating together by bouncing ideas to see what would be the best for the young athletes. With these ideas we have started to incorporate some activations into their warm-up to allow for greater movement patterns and assist with injury prevention. As they say “Mobility comes from Stability”.

Whilst the Recon program is underway, Iron Armour at the same time are in preparation for their Europe tour. This tour will be for the older age group who play rugby union and will go from March 28 – April 9. It will be a follow-on from last year’s tour on which Leki went on.

Except this year I will be going on tour with the boys, they will be playing some top level youth teams in Europe and also participating in a Rugby Festival in Portugal. Very excited for this opportunity and hopefully many more to come!

Stay tuned for the following part as we go deep into the Europe preparations for the athletes and coaches.


– Aarvi