Iron Armour – The Road to Europe 2020 (Pt.2)

Feb 17, 2020 | Iron Amour Series, The Road To Europe | 0 comments

Iron Armour – The Road to Europe 2020 (Pt.2)

Hi guys,

Aarvi here, this is the 2nd installment of the Iron armour lead up to Europe. If you have not checked out part 1 please be sure to click on this link.

Iron Armour Academy are preparing for their European Tour with just over a month away until the U17s and U19s teams travel participate in the Rugby Festival held in Portugal.

There have been great numbers getting down to the sessions especially on the Sunday sessions as both South and West facilities come together to train as a squad before they all head off.

I will be accompanying both teams as the traveling Physio which is a great privilege for me as I have always wanted to do some work travelling. The coaches and athletes are working hard with one another and it’s great to see the camaraderie coming through with the athletes.

Whilst the Europe squad is training hard and the Recon athletes are working very hard at the same time.

In the last blog post the Activation work were being slowly introduced into the program.

They are now being incorporated prior to most sessions, with the focus being on core, hips and shoulder stability.

Research suggests that arm and leg power comes from core stability.

The Activation work helps the younger athletes get into good habits to prior to training as it will result in better output and performance!

Most sports are changing and gameplay is becoming faster and athletes must prepare their bodies for the gameplayby being able to produce higher levels of power and speed for longer periods of time.

If this does not occur appropriately then it will lead to break down and injuries.

Activation work and dynamic warm-ups are reducing the chance of injury.

So stay tuned tuned for the third and final installment of Iron Armour Academy’s road to Europe and how players are responding to new initiative where Activations have been introduced in their programming.

As always,


– Aarvi