Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 3

Oct 22, 2018 | Leki's Health Vlog, Written by Leki | 0 comments

Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 3

Howdy guys.

Last month I outlined the 3 things I’ll be focusing on: FOOD/WATER, AIR/EXERCISE and PHYSIO/CLINICAL.

Catch up on what I wrote about by reading it – HERE.

Today I’m going to emphasise the FOOD/WATER component and reinforce my primary goal which is about longevity.


To reduce the chance of developing diabetes, heart disease and any chronic illnesses by monitoring my blood work. I want to live until I’m 150 with a great quality of life!

As you may know I’ve been big on food choices for the last 3 years or so.

What I have on my plate helps to keep me healthy and it is a major focus of my daily life.

We bulk prep food and it is very helpful in keeping things simple for you and your family.

Spending 2 hours every Sunday preparing our meals for the working week helps keep us on track. Check out how we do it – HERE.

Today I would like to emphasise how I track my blood work.

I like tracking things to make sure I’m measuring my progress.

In terms of my weight I measure that daily and at the time of writing I’m hovering around 83.5kg and I’m about 189cm/6’2 tall.

That gives me a BMI score of 23.1 which is within the healthy range.

The BMI takes into account your height and weight and calculates your total body fat. This can be an indicator of your health risks. The higher the number the more likely your have health risks like heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all those other nasty chronic illness.

Another indicator of your health is your blood panel.

Over the 3 years I have taken a strong interest in my blood tests and I have gone from getting them done yearly to every 6 months and now every 3 months!


Because I want to track the markers that may show early signs of disease and illness.

Now I’m not a specialist at reading these blood results but it’s a learning process that I’m enjoying. It is a growing interest I have on how the whole body system work together.

For example if there is a marker that shows you whether you’ve been in a higher inflammatory state then you can try and figure out why you’re inflamed. It may be early signs of an autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis or may be your cholesterol levels are higher then it should be causing some increases in your blood pressure.

My thoughts are to monitor these signs NOW rather then wait until you have problems. Plus the blood tests are FREE through Medicare via a GP referral so you can do this any time at no cost!

As they say – prevention is better then a cure.

As I mentioned above I measure my blood work quarterly. In this same taken from my recent blood test it shows that my C Reactive Protein count (an indicator of inflammation) is very low (0.7). The reference range is below 3! Happy with that result!

I also take daily readings using my Abbott Xtra Blood Monitor.

What am I looking to measure? My daily blood ketones and my glucose levels.

I follow Dr. Eric Berg and Thomas DeLauer’s work on these topics of ketosis and well being strategies.

I aim to be in a ketosis for 4-5 days in an average week before refueling carbohydrates on the weekend. My ideal range for ketones in the blood is between 0.5 mmol/L to 1.0 mmol/L.

I also measure my blood sugar levels (glucose) daily and my ideal range is 4 mmol/L to 6.0 mmol/L.

I’ll elaborate more on this on a future post. In the meantime, keep an eye on my Instagram stories on the daily readings I post from time to time. Helps keep me accountable!

Good health on the inside and outside!


– Leki