Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 4

Nov 21, 2018 | Leki's Health Vlog, Written by Leki | 0 comments

Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 4

Hello all

I’m enjoying reporting to you about how I try and manage my health.

Both inside and out.

Catch up on what I wrote about last time – HERE. I report on how I monitor my ‘insides’ by measuring my blood readings everyday.

Today I’m going to emphasise the AIR/EXERCISE component and reinforce my primary goal which is to complete a strict handstand for 30 seconds without any aid.


By completing short body weight exercises provided by – Gymnastics Strength Training – an online exercise guide programmed by Christopher Sommer an experienced National USA gymnastics coach.

I first started GST in October 2016.

I was very stiff in the lower back and weak especially in the upper body and in my core/trunk.

After spending the first 6 months getting my body moving I started developing some strength which surprised me!

It’s now November 2018 and my slow progressions are gaining some momentum.

I’m using some gymnastic rings and really working on forearm and upper body strength.

So why am I training gymnastics?

Part of the reason is to keep moving. The other reason is that my children are being put through gymnastics. The final reason is that I’m truly fascinated about high level gymnasts.

I’m not looking to do multiple flips or jump off uneven bars but I am interested in getting the most of out my body and minimising injury.

I hope you are moving and enjoying what you do!

Here’s to good health – inside and out plus I’ll update you with my physical progressions as I track towards my 30 sec handstands with great form!