Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 5

Dec 17, 2018 | Leki's Health Vlog, Written by Leki | 0 comments

Leki’s Health Vlog – Episode 5

Hello all.

Catch up on what I wrote about last time – HERE.

Today I’m going to emphasise the CLINICAL/PHYSIO component and reinforce my primary goal which is to minimise my risk of developing chronic disease like diabetes mellitus, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological problems.

How do I do that?

By keeping a daily discipline.

Today I’m going to share with you what my typical morning looks like.

It involves a bit of reflection and planning, meditation, exercise and most importantly family time before I leave for work – everyday.

It’s not fancy and this is something that is continuously being built.

What does that mean?

My morning routine is evolving and improving to help maximise my day.

It’s changed a lot from when I was a single fella, to being engaged, then married with no kids and now Belinda and I have a 3yo and an 11mo.

I used to roll out of bed and wolf down some poorly made breakfast and rush off to work all within 30 mins.

Now I spend almost 3 hours preparing for my day in the morning.

It starts with a 4:30am to 5am wake up.

Meditation, reading, study time and a short exercise regime all from 5am-7am then I make breakfast at 7am.

At 7:30am we have a nutritious hot breakfast for 30mins.

I leave for work at 8am happy that I’ve spent some time with the family and ready to embrace the challenge of the day.

What does your morning look like?

A big reason why I emphasise my morning routine is that little things done well over a long period of time becomes a BIG change.

For example, we started focussing only on eating better food for breakfast for 2 weeks.

After that became our normal routine we were able to branch out to lunch then eventually better food for dinner over the next 3 months.

This helped our goals of losing weight and being happy and healthy.

Eventually we looked at other things that helps our health because we made small but progressive changes over time.

This includes my exercise routine, taking my bloods every morning to monitor my blood sugar and ketones, making sure I spend some time with the kids, talk with my wife about things that are coming up on the calendar.

All these things weren’t achieved in the one go. Rather, slowly and consistently over time.

Putting the time in the morning as a priority helps me keep new routines and push the boundaries for new changes I want to make.

I hope it helps you on own your path.


– Leki