[Part 2 of 3] “The Activation Series” – Learn How To Lift, Move & Feel Better by Aarvi

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[Part 2 of 3] “The Activation Series” – Learn How To Lift, Move & Feel Better by Aarvi

Hi guys,

Hi guys this is the Part 2 of 3 Activation Series and if you haven’t already checked Part 1 then here is the link >>> [Part 1 of 3] “The Activation Series”.

“Activation Can Improve Overall Performance”

Let’s take someone who is an officer worker and sits for majority of the day and is relatively inactive for example. Sitting down for prolonged periods can flick the switch off for specific muscles and have very little stimulation at the deep neuromuscular level.

So when you go to exercise without activating you go from zero to hundred real quick! This can put you in serious risk of injury as the demand on muscles and joints are a lot higher, therefore our muscles will try to compensate and that is an injury waiting to happen! So why wait till you get injured ?

“Check Out The Glute Big 3”

I would highly recommend incorporating these before any sport or any lower body workout.

The glutes are the most powerful muscles in our bodies and are required for any kind of workout.

There are 3 exercises that need to be done in succession with one another to really get the full glute activation, all you require is a soft even surface and a theraband!

First exercise is Prone Hip Abduction.

  1. Pop band below knee, lie on stomach and be on your toes.
  2. Slide feet out, try to lead with heel, then return
  3. Repeat 25 times

2nd exercise is Prone Clams:

  1. Lie on stomach and prop up onto elbows with legs bent, wrap band just below the knees
  2. Keep feet stuck together and slide knees away, make sure not lifting hips up
  3. Return knees and repeat 10-15 times

The 3rd exercise the Supine Bridge with Hip External Rotation:

  1. Lie on back with both legs bent, with band wrapped just below the knees
  2. Do a bridge by lifting bottom off the ground, as you are lifting the bottom make sure you are pushing the knees out (pushing knees out into the band)
  3. Try to get full hip extension and push the knees out even more to really feel the burn, repeat 10-15 times

So there you have it, a simple set of activation exercises that can be incorporated anywhere from a simple home based exercise program to rehabilitating an injury, to game day or before training.

If you notice glutes are not your strong suit and get lower limb pain then do the Glute Big 3 twice a day. Hope this helps your training!

That’s it!

Part 2 of 3 of my Activation Series to help you at the gym or even help you at home, in the office or walking the dog.

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– Aarvi