Participating In The Sikh Games

Mar 21, 2019 | Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

Participating In The Sikh Games

The Australian Sikh Games is a national event held during Easter each year.

It attracts people from all around Australia and even other countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The event has over one thousand athletes and up to 45,000 spectators over three days. While the Games are primarily held to bring together the Sikh community each year, the tournament can get very competitive because each team wants to be the best in the country within the Sikh community.

The main purpose of the Australian Sikh Games is to encourage health and well-being, promote the values of the Sikh religion and to bring everyone together for a wonderful 3-day event.

Each year the games are held in a different state and this year it will be the 32nd Annual Sikh games held at Casey Fields Cranbourne, Melbourne.

Team sports include Kabbadi, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football and Tug-o-War.

Individual sports include Athletics, Badminton, Golf, Tennis and Wrestling.

I will be participating in Soccer in the Premier team for a Melbourne North-West suburban based team called Azaad Club Melbourne.

I have been playing in this tournament with this team since 2013.

This is outside my local season playing in NPL and state league. It is the newest Melbourne based club in the premier comp, therefore requiring a lot of hard work to be where they are today.

Azaad is yet to win the top tier comp at the Sikh games. Last year being the closest we have come to winning and being the only Melbourne team in the top 4. Unfortunately losing to West Sydney in the semi-finals.

The club was only promoted to the premier comp 3 years ago and each year improving. This year being at home the pressure is a lot higher to perform and hoping to take it a couple of steps further.

Soccer has the most teams having 3 tiers but Kabaddi attracts the most spectators.

So if you have no plans over Easter April 19-21st make sure to come watch and be apart of a great event promoting the health and well-being.

There will be plenty of food stalls and activities to do for the friends and family, and it’s FREE to enter.

– Aarvi