SPOTLIGHT ON – Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.3

Feb 12, 2019 | Spotlight On, Written by Leki | 0 comments

SPOTLIGHT ON – Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.3

Hi guys,

This is Part 3 of Allyssa’s knee rehabilitation. Check out the previous Spotlight – HERE.

Allyssa is now 3 months (12 weeks) post R ACL reconstruction and is absolutely flying!

We are in a situation where the primary issue is not pain or swelling but trying to slow down Allyssa from being too enthusiastic!

Yes that’s right – we want to give Allyssa clear boundaries so she knows what the main do’s and don’ts are.

A big achievement is now being cleared to return to some gentle straight line running!

You can imagine how much of a relief it would be to finally return back to some higher level activity. Remember she got injured in late-Sept 2018, ACL reconstruction in mid-Oct and was able to run late-Jan 2019. That’s a long time to remain compliant and patient so hats off to Allyssa for sticking to her guns!

The main thing to avoid a this stage of her rehab to avoid heavy cutting/agility type movements with her running.

Remember it can take her 6-12 months to return to sport.

Not because of pain or swelling.

Not because of the strength and support around the knee.

Purely due to the ACL graft. Remember I emphasised that the hamstring tendon (graft) takes a long time to mature into a structure similar to a ligament. That’s why ACL reconstructions take so long!

So in reviewing the traditional ACL rehabilitation protocol we have officially entered Stage 2 – exciting times ahead!

Stage 1: 0 to Month 3 post operation

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Achieve full knee bending and straightening
  • Start gentle lower leg strengthening work

Stage 2: Month 2-6

  • Start some straight line running
  • Increase the strengthening load on the knee
  • Start some agility/jump work

Stage3: Month 6-9+

  • Return to sport specific conditioning work
  • Return to monitored sports training
  • Return to sport

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and we’ll keep you updated of Allyssa’s well being journey!


Big shoutout to Nick Longhurst Head S&C at ACE Performance for helping Alyssa with her ACL rehabilitation!

– Leki