SPOTLIGHT ON – Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.4

Apr 29, 2019 | Spotlight On, Written by Leki | 0 comments

SPOTLIGHT ON – Allyssa Lolesio-Pua Pt.4

Hi guys

This is Part 4 of Allyssa’s knee rehabilitation. Check out the previous Spotlight – HERE.

Allyssa is now 5 months post R ACL reconstruction and is awaiting a follow up review with the surgeon early May 2019!

She is in the exciting stage of starting to progress her running to include change of direction drills building towards sharp cutting movements.

These agility drills are important for Rugby and Basketball athletes as it mimics the type of movement they will eventually return to in competitive sport.

In our earlier posts we mentioned that it can take her 6-12 months to return to sport.

Not because of pain or swelling.

Not because of the strength and support around the knee.

Purely due to the ACL graft.

Remember I emphasised that the hamstring tendon (graft) takes a long time to mature into a structure similar to a ligament. That’s why ACL reconstructions take so long!

So in reviewing the traditional ACL rehabilitation protocol we are nearing Stage 3 – but we need the approval from the surgeon first which is perfect timing because Allyssa will be seeing him in 4 weeks which is exactly 6 months after the surgery!

Stage 1: 0 to Month 3 post operation

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Achieve full knee bending and straightening
  • Start gentle lower leg strengthening work

Stage 2: Month 2-6

  • Start some straight line running
  • Increase the strengthening load on the knee
  • Start some agility/jump work

Stage3: Month 6-9+

  • Return to sport specific conditioning work
  • Return to monitored sports training
  • Return to sport

I hope you found this post helpful and we’ll keep you updated of Allyssa’s well being journey!

She’s heading down the most exciting part of her recovery which is back to training and eventually being apart of the team again!

Big shoutout to Nick Longhurst Head S&C at ACE Performance for helping Alyssa with her ACL rehabilitation!


– Leki