SPOTLIGHT ON – Hanaf Haji Part.2

Jan 9, 2019 | Spotlight On, Written by Leki | 0 comments

SPOTLIGHT ON – Hanaf Haji Part.2

Hi guys,

This is Part 2 and an update from our first post – read about it – HERE.

Hanaf injured his R shoulder at work lifting heavy things overhead repetitively in Jan 2018.

It has been a YEAR since he injured his shoulder.

Hanaf first presented to ProPhysio+ on July 2018 after he was not improving with his previous management. So that was 6 MONTHS AFTER HE GOT INJURED.

He was unable to raise his shoulder above his head and he was having poor sleep because the aching at night.

So what have have we done in the last 5 months to help Hanaf back to full health?


The first thing we did was organise follow up scans of the R shoulder to make sure the injury is healing and heading in the right direction. The ultrasound scan in August 2018 confirmed that his shoulder was healing well.

We also organised another review with second specialist to ensure his shoulder management was appropriate.

The second specialist diagnosed scapular dyskinesis which is a fancy way of saying the shoulder blades are NOT moving properly.

Since that time from July 2018 to now (Jan 2019) Hanaf has made a remarkable improvement!

The challenge is getting the right advice as early as possible so you can recover faster.

If Hanaf had seen ProPhysio+ as soon as he got injured we would have had him at 100% within 6 months – he should have been back at full duties by July 2018 given the nature of his injury.

I have published a short video and blog post about Workcover to help you understand how it works. Check it out here.

Hope you found this helpful!


– Leki