SPOTLIGHT ON – Kingzston Makua-Pori

Oct 18, 2018 | Spotlight On, Written by Leki | 0 comments

SPOTLIGHT ON – Kingzston Makua-Pori – Pt. 2

Hi guys,

Kingzston is a young Iron Armour athlete who broke his leg playing Rugby 7s on 12 September 2018.

This is a ‘Spotlight’ series showing you how physiotherapy will help get him back to full health. Enjoy!

Kingzston plays Rugby Union for his local rugby club – Wyndham Rhinos.

He is also an Iron Armour athlete training for an overseas Rugby tour in April 2019.

Unfortunately Kingzston was playing Rugby 7s when he was caught in a ruck and a player fell heavily on the outside of his R leg.

It was immediately painful and he struggled to weight bear on it.

After he reported the injury to the staff at Iron Armour he was referred to ProPhysio+ the next day.

Kingzston showed up on 13 September very sore and walking with 2 x crutches confidently.

Given the contact nature of the injury we decided to organise an xray to clear and fractures.

Visiting the hospital the xray found that Kingzston fractured his fibula which is the smaller of the two shin bones.

He was advised to walk with a CAM boot to allow appropriate healing of the fibula fracture but still enable him to be independent and mobile.
Kingzston was advised that given the nature of the fracture (location and severity) he can expect a healing time frame of 4-6 weeks.

At the time of writing Kingzston has already completed his time in the CAM boot for 3-4 weeks and we are progressing him out of the boot so he can weight bear normally.

Our focus into Part 2 of his ‘Spotlight’ series will be progressing his strengthening program and get him closer to returning to running.

Once we have him strong and running comfortably he’ll be able to return to his Iron Armour training sessions and look forward to another successful season playing Rugby.


– Leki