Stuart McGill Pt.3

May 28, 2020 | Stuart McGill Series, Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

Stuart McGill Pt.3

Hi Guys! Aarvi here!

This is the final segment of my recent professional development course run by Stuart McGill. If you have not already done so please check out part 1 and 2 as you will need to read that to move onto this one. Click this link to go straight to part 1. Click this link to go straight to part 2.

So in the first part we discussed who McGill is and where you can find him and more information about him We also discussed how to do a hip hinge and then in the last post (part 2) we discussed how to sit and stand from a chair. Main take home message has been to keep the spine as neutral as possible

This segment will illustrate what is the best way to get on and off the floor as this is the technique Stuart McGill and his colleagues teach all their clients all around the world. Remember minor adjustments may still be required for some people

The Stand – Lie

This transfer is one of the most difficult movement patterns and is done incorrectly 90% of the time, as young fit children/adults normally just fall and catch themselves to the ground and/or squat all the way down and/or rotate/twist their back in some part of the movement, older population either do not try it or avoid it. This transfer pattern has been studied by Stuart McGill and is designed for everyone

So here are the steps:

Stand to Lie

1. Lunge forwards by taking a big step forward till knee touches floor (smaller step will cause more pressure on knee) try aim for 90/90 at bottom of position

2. Swing the front leg around to back to be right next to the other leg, so you will be kneeling on both legs now

3. Now you will do the hip hinge pattern where you will move your arms down your legs towards knee whilst pulling your hips/bottom back so your bottom will be sitting on your calves

4. Now you will crawl with your hands forwards one little step at a time until you feel you can push down to the floor like a push-up. Make sure your chest and hips go down at the same time

5. You will be lying flat on your stomach on the floor

How to turn onto your back from your stomach

6. Lie completely flat on the floor and choose which side to turn from; usually it is the weaker/affected side.

7. Place the turning side arm straight above your head so it is out of the way. If you are turning right place the right above your head and bend the other side leg so bottom of the foot is facing the roof and the same arm is in a push-up position

8. Use that hand in a push-up position to roll you onto the opposite side. Make sure you do the roll quickly by using the momentum of the push-up. The bent leg will land and touch the floor and remain bent.

There you have it, you have gotten to the floor successfully and decreased the chances of any aggravation especially your back as spine has remained neutral the whole time

Lie to Stand

Now you will reverse the order to stand up with the only difference being whilst lying on your back you start in a dead-bug position and roll instead of pushing up and rolling as you are not in the push-up position.

Make sure the turning side the arm is out of the way and the arm and leg that is in the air (opposite to the rolling side) turn at the same time as shown in the video.

Here is the video talking and showing the steps as discussed above

Well there you have it, a great and simple way to get on and off the floor, a technique used and preached by the best Dr Stuart McGill, he has studied this technique and has applied to all his clients and most of his clients have had debilitating back injuries who have seen multiple doctors, practitioners, surgeons

Hopefully this gives you a better idea on how to get on and off the floor.

Have a good day and as always….


– Aarvi