TeleHealth & Physio

Mar 27, 2020 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

TeleHealth & Physio

Wow these times are changing!

With the global pandemic causing massive disruption across the globe and forcing changes in not only Health but across the Economy – we too must adapt and grow with the changes.

It is my feeling that after this pandemic slows and subsides, the world will continue to be wary.

It’s human nature.

We may take 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years to return back to some form of normality.

But in the heat of battle we need to adjust.

Although face-face visits are available in our physical locations (unless Government restrictions change) we are also offering TeleHealth as online consultations for new patients with injuries or existing patients to check in.

We will require video and audio link up through a laptop/computer (preferably) or off your mobile phone, downloading the free software called “PhysiApp” on Android or iOS and a good internet connection.

This is a new format for us to use but we are prepared and ready to go!

Our staff have had appropriate training to help you via our online consultations and it involves a lot of education, advice and self care principles that we would normally give you in the clinic.

Below you will find a scenario of how Telehealth can help you.

If you suffered a low back injury at work as a pick and packer in the warehouse you may not have an idea on what the best steps are to manage the injury safely and quickly at home.

As we are able to see how you are moving via the video connection you are reporting in real time how you are feeling we can then make the best judgement on how to help you best and to devise a great rehabilitation plan.

So make time to see us either in our physical locations or via our online consulting HERE.

Stay happy & healthy out there!