The Importance of Spending Time Barefoot

Dec 30, 2022 | Written by Marcus | 0 comments

Our feet are designed to be as dextrous as our hands but somewhere along the way we lost our connection to the earth. Modern shoes are designed for fashion and not functionality and the use of orthotics only masks our foot problems.

It is important to spend time daily walking around barefoot to help restore our foot strength and alleviate pain and dysfunction. Naturally like any new activity it is good to transition from wearing shoes to barefoot walking gradually to avoid any major problems.

A good place to start is by walking around the house barefoot and slowly build up your tolerance. It will feel different to what you are used to and you should stop if you feel pain but over time you can build up your foot strength and endurance.

Healthy feet will have a flow on effect and will help to align your body upstream by building a good foundation from the ground up.

Some basic exercises that you can do to help strengthen your feet include full range calf raises, drawing the alphabet with your feet, hand and foot glove mobilisations and knees over toes stretches.

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