Tradie Tips #1 Low Back Pain

Apr 13, 2018 | Tradie Tips, Written by Leki | 0 comments

Tradie Tips #1 Low Back Pain

Have you got a stiff back from working hard on the tools all day? See what Leki has to say to help you get your BACK on TRACK!

The cause of common low back pain are mechanical / movement issues and soft-tissue injuries which in some case can cause damage to inter-vertebral discs, incorrect movement of spinal joints and compression of nerves.

A torn or pulled muscle or ligament in the low back is something that we see especially among tradespeople.

Muscle Strain & Ligament Sprain

These types of sprains and strains can happen with sudden movements such as lifting a heavy load with improper technique, or can develop slowly from repetitive movements.


  • Strains happen when you stretch your muscle too far causing it to tear.
  • Sprains happen when you’ve over-stretched the muscle and its tearing affects the ligaments that connect bones together.

Causes of sprains & strains?

  • Twisting the spine while lifting
  • Lifting a heavy load or object
  • Large forces of impact
  • Too much stress on the low back from sudden movements
  • Poor posture for prolonged periods

Remedies Low Back Pain

Simple at-home remedies can be effective resolving mild or acute pain from muscle strain and also reducing the impacts of chronic, severe pain.

Brief rest periods

Something that you can apply immediately is avoiding long periods of strenuous activity. Take breaks and plan your work day to alleviate prolonged stress on your back.

Activity modification

Make sure you stay active as too much inactivity will delay healing but be sure to avoid activities and positions that anger the pain further. For example, if your work day involves a long period of heavy lifting, set a timer to include 5 min rests in-between. Also ensure your technique for the activities you are doing do not aggravate your back but instead distribute the weight of the object through the muscles that can take the load. Minimising the movements and positions that worsen your back pain will help reduce those symptoms and provide a better environment to heal.