What Does Your Blood Test Mean? (Pt.1)

Jan 10, 2020 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

What Does Your Blood Test Mean? (Pt.1)

Hi guys,

In my journey for optimal health the exploration of blood markers is important to establish a good foundation of the basics.

Let’s say you are feeling unwell and you’ve returned to the GP complaining of ongoing pain and strange symptoms.

What would be one of the main measures the GP will organise on your behalf?

A blood test

But why?

Because your insides can’t lie.

If you have been eating poorly, the markers in your blood test will show it.

Despite what you’ve been telling yourself or the GP!

If you’ve been inactive and sedentary, the markers in your blood test will show it.

So in your journey to improve your health – having a good base of what is what in your blood test results is important to understand. That way you can assist the medical team in improving your health and getting closer to your goals of wellbeing.

Now if you’re anything like me – I’m pretty basic.

The more simple the information is presented to me then the easier time I’ll have understanding the information.

If you’ve read your recent blood tests there are lots of numbers and acronyms that can overload your senses!

Here’s the rub! I spent 2 full days with Dave O’Brien from 5th Element Wellness unpacking these very numbers and terms from blood tests.

I highly recommend 5EW’s Blood Analysis Seminar Level 1 and I’ll be looking forward to Level 2 in 2020!

So let’s start at the very tippy top!

The body is an amazing machine of interconnected cogs working together to keep you alive.

It’s primary job is avoiding death

It will prioritise all it’s resources to reduce the chance of you dying.

Cut yourself on the arm means you’re prone to an infection. What does the body do? Mobilise the troops to fight any infection. We would be interested in your Immune Markers.

Showing signs of pre-diabetes? We’d be interested in your Blood Sugar Markers.

Feeling unwell from poor dietary choices and too many alcoholic drinks over the long term. We would like to check your Liver Detoxification Markers.

Complaining of chronic pain symptoms? We would look at your Inflammation Markers amongst other corroborating markers.

Base Markers are like the guiding ‘North Star’ to let us know how you’re travelling overall. You should always consider these numbers first as they are like the foundation of a house. If these numbers are off then the knock on effect to the other markers can be affected.

So using the results from your Blood Test medical professionals can determine where the next steps may be needed to help get you back to good health.

I am going to keep things simple for us and place the Blood Markers into the table below.

In future posts I will touch on what the numbers should be and what you can do to return them into the normal range.

Here we go:

Don’t let this exhaustive list overwhelm you! Think of it as keys to many doors that you can open with time and experience to help unlock your health.

Like all things… discipline is the key.

Keep things simple and stay healthy.

My next blog post will be on the Base Markers – as always I’ll try and present it in a way that’s easy to read and understand.


– Leki