What Does Your Blood Test Mean? Pt.2

Feb 7, 2020 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

What Does Your Blood Test Mean? Pt.2

Hi guys,

This is a continuation of my piece on Blood Tests and why it should be an important part of your health plan.

Read Part 1 – HERE – to bring you up to speed.

Today I will be describing testing to keep an eye out for Diabetes.

I previously wrote about Type II diabetes – HERE. Check it out!

So when you get a blood test, the Blood Sugar Markers are the primary indicators that you will be interested in amongst the ones.

What are they?

  1. Fasting Glucose – Blood sugar (glucose) is ready to use fuel found in our muscles
  2. Fasting Insulin – Insulin helps move blood sugar (glucose) from your blood and into the cell where the energy can be used or stored

So what are the magic numbers when you take your blood test?

Well, let me start by saying there’s two ranges to be mindful of – the medical range and the optimal range.

My personal philosophy is that although you might look ‘good’ checking under the bonnet might tell us how you’re actually doing.

For example your medical range may be in the high range of ‘normal’ but you’re cleared of troubling signs because you’re within the normal range.

But as you’ll come to learn, if a few of your blood markers are high but within the normal range is that really normal?

My argument is a resounding NO!

Aim for the optimal range and I’ll explain why below.

Let’s say your fasting blood glucose level was 5.5 and fasting insulin was 5.0.

You’re borderline ‘high’ but within the normal range.

What if some of your other blood markers are also on the ‘high end’ but within the normal range?

That’s what happens to most normal people who are well into their 20s, have kids and get stressed in their 30s, have expenses and more stress in their 40s then an innocent health problem becomes a cascading illness!

I would encourage you to start preparing your body now and arm your defenses!

Before I recommend some simple steps to help pull you back from the edge of the cliff –

Like all things… discipline is the key.

Keep things simple and stay healthy.

My next blog post will be on the Base Markers – as always I’ll try and present it in a way that’s easy to read and understand.


– Leki