Why Is YES So Powerful?

Dec 9, 2022 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

Stories always start with once upon a time…

Well, once upon a time my friend Ane Fifita asked me to be involved in a special Pasifika project.

Ane works for La Trobe University in Research working with Dr. Makiko Nishitani (La Trobe University) and Dr. Kate Johnston-Ataata (RMIT) on a study of Pacific Islander young adults who have developed successful careers in Australia.

The Research team were interested in hearing about stories of work and career experiences in Australia and using these stories to produce an online resource in the form of a website aimed at supporting other young Pacific people in their pursuit of a career.

The questions were mainly about how I had developed my career in Physiotherapy and how I have navigated different cultures at home and within the wider Australian society.

Now like anything that comes on the radar unexpectedly you can be reserved and give an automatic but polite ‘no’.

This case was different.

As I revisit the order of events I invited Ane and Kylie Puamau from Pacific Connections to speak on our Positive Experience podcast (which is taking a hiatus at the moment with over 100 interviews and videos recorded) in Feb 2020.

Soon after I presented at their Pacific Connections Expo in March 2020.

The global C19 pandemic arrived on our shores and like everyone we all pressed pause on most things.

That’s until November 2020 and I received this innocent looking email…

Now where I want to segue to is to discuss this idea of opportunities and taking them when they land on your plate.

Sure, you might be ‘busy’ or have too many projects on the go and you’re feeling overwhelmed but my argument is that the universe is a two-way street.

Good and bad. Summer and winter. Hot and cold. Ying and yang. You get the picture.

I said YES one time and it led to so many opportunities.

Like a seedling sprouting from the ground growing into the tall tree with many branches so too has this little ‘YES’ in March 2020 sprouted with so many great opportunities!

I was able to give my real account on being a young person, navigating home life, education and working toward a future career in health while highlighting the pitfalls and challenges that life throws at you.

It was a great wander down memory lane!

Which makes me think…

What if I said no.

What if I continue to say no to all the requests and opportunities that come to me.

In the end I’m a big believer in self awareness and being ok with playing the hand that’s dealt.

No self pity.

Toggle the overconfidence down and find the sensible middle ground.

So where will your next YES lead you?

The world is so abundant and I am optimistic about what the future holds for us all.

But, if we can begin by saying yes more often than I believe it will lead to many great things much like the Pacific Role Models Project.

Come to think of it… “YES” is probably the second most powerful word only superseded by “HELLO”.

I mean HELLO how I met my wife… but that’s a story for another time!

Lastly, BIG thank you to Ane Fifita and the Research team for allowing me to share my honest testimony of growing up as a Pacific Islander professional in Australia.

If you are a young person considering a career in Health please reach out to me and I’ll do the best that I can to assist you. Please send me an email to leki@prophysioplus.com.au.

Say YES.

Yours in Health.

Leki Sisifa



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