Your Biggest Physio Asset?

Oct 28, 2021 | Written by Leki | 0 comments

Hello there.

My name is Leki Sisifa and I’m a Family man, Healthy enthusiast and passionate advocate of healthy longevity and being #ForeverYoung (my favourite catch cry!).

I’m writing this letter to my 20-something year old self and I hope some of these lessons resonate with you…

You will experience a lot of polarising things in our field of Health.

Challenging pain problems.

Unrealistic expectations.

Unbelievable recovery results.

Overwhelming success and difficult failures.

Long nights, early mornings.

Covering shifts, taking classes and delivering public speeches.

If there was one takeaway from all my experiences as a 13+ year private practice Physio with professional sports and International travel it’s… self awareness.

Let me reiterate this for you = Your Biggest Physio Asset is Self Awareness

Below are some of the things you will build:

6 x locations / West Melb & Macedon Ranges

Great team (combined experience > 40 years!) / Bio

Build a Community Sports Program / ProTrainer

Build online channels / YT / Blog / Instagram

100+ Facebook group of family, friends and clients / FFForeverYoung

FACT #1 – You will look for great mentors who you want to model after

FACT #2 – You will build a chain of Wellness Centres

FACT #3 – After sustaining multiple nasty Rugby related injuries you’ll discover that Physio is much more than fancy massage

If there is one thing I would stress to you, it’s do what makes you happy.

One side of the coin is being curious and allowing yourself the space to explore and look for opportunities that allow growth.

The other side of that same coin is to work hard once you see the thing that gives you energy.

Nothing good comes for free and anything worthwhile should be something difficult to attain… otherwise it wouldn’t be valuable and everyone would have ‘it’.


So here is how I can help you –

Lastly, when you are passionate about something… amazing things happen!

I’d love for you to learn more about me and what we’re building.

Check out our ProPhysio+ Prospectus below – it spells out what we’re up to and whether we’re right for you. P.s. We have part/full time positions available NOW!

Yours in Health,

Leki Sisifa