The ‘Big 3’ Gym Lifts (Pt.1)

Dec 2, 2019 | The 'Big 3' Gym Lifts, Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

The ‘Big 3’ Gym Lifts (Pt.1)

Hi guys,

This is the first part of the big 3 Gym Lifts, If you have not already checked out the activation series, it would come in very handy for the next 3 blog posts especially. For this blog post part 1 and 2 would be ideal, great activators prior to squatting [Part 1 of 3] “The Activation Series” [Part 2 of 3] “The Activation Series”

So let’s get straight into it, here are the steps I learned off the very best Coach in the world today, Sebastian Oreb, who trains all kinds of top athletes around the world including the world’s strongest man Hafthor. All his athletes follow these steps for there back squat. This technique is designed to be as efficient as possible which allows you to lift the most loads whilst avoiding injury

The steps –


Grab the bar and hold it as close as your shoulder mobility allows

  • This creates tension in the upper back muscles and keeps you tight whilst making a comfortable shelf for the barbell


Place the bar in your desired position and pull your elbows back and down

  • Come under the bar on the shelf created by either the rear deltoids if doing low bar or onto the upper traps for high bar squat
  • Make sure you retract and depress the shoulder blades which pretty much means pull the shoulder blades back and down towards your back pocket


Walk the weight out in 3 steps

  • Why waste energy on the walkout so the minimal steps the better. First step is straight back (to clear rack) then 2 steps to the sides to get in the position.


  • Stand in your comfortable stance with your feet pointing slightly outwards, wait a second or 2 for barbell to settle


  • Look straight ahead take a big breath and hold it


  • Lower the weight by spreading the floor pushing the knees out in the same direction as the toes – Done correctly this will help with tension through your lower body muscles, it will also push the knees outwards in the same direction as the toes allowing the torso to remain upright


  • Only squat as deep as your mobility allows while maintaining neutral spine – Should not go excessive flexing of the lower back aka butt wink


  • From the bottom position, stand back up to the start position and exhale.


  • Make sure the knees are continually tracking outwards in the same direction as toes whilst holding tight and keeping the chest up – When standing up think about pushing the floor away with your feet

So there you have it, the Back squat. Now give it a go and see how you feel. It definitely improved my squat by a country mile.


– Aarvi