The ‘Big 3’ Gym Lifts Pt.3

Feb 24, 2020 | The 'Big 3' Gym Lifts, Written by Aarvi | 0 comments

The ‘Big 3’ Gym Lifts Pt.3

Hi Guys,

This is the third and final part of the big 3 gym lifts. If you have not already, check out my previous blog posts on Squat and Bench. This part will look at deconstructing the deadlift and the technique I learnt from Sebastian Oreb “Australian strength Coach”

This will be mainly just covering the conventional deadlift. I would highly recommend looking at part 1 and part 2 of the activation series. Because it will allow a lot more leg drive once the glutes are activated. As doing the deadlift there should be very little emphasis on low back and should not be getting pain in low back if lifted correctly.

So here are the steps

  1. Walk upto the bar and stand with the shins about an inch from the barbell, The bar should be around the middle of the foot
  2. The stance should be our strongest stance which in most scenarios is jump stance which is where you can jump the highest from standstill position

3. Lower yourself down by bending at the hips to grab the bar (Not your knees). The efficient position is having the arms go straight down (may have to go slightly wider dependent on hip structure

4. Whilst holding onto the bar keep your elbows locked and sit into position by bending the knees and simultaneously pulling your shoulder blades down (armpits to pelvis) This recruits the lats and will keep the bar close to body. It will also take slack out of the bar as you will have crown of head facing to ceiling (Looking straight ahead)

5. Find the sweet spot by not having the hips too low where the shins will be in the way of the bar path but also may move the bar forward and push it further away. At same time hips not too high because it will lose the leg drive and make it all a pulling movement (not good for low back)

6. Once in position, take a full breath and hold it, maintaining tension throughout entire body, and Push the world away until body is standing upright with knees locking first then hips driving through

7. Make sure to keep anterior core engaged by pushing your stomach out to create a brace. Heavier lift a bigger brace required.

8. Lower the weight down by bending through the hips first and once it passes the knees then knee can start to bend

9. Repeat as required. Would highly recommend resetting every repetition

Hope this helps and gives you some insight of the great exercise the deadlift.

It is a great exercise if executed correctly and is definitely a favourite of mine especially for back rehab. It teaches you how to bend and move without the back doing the lifting. Very little should be felt in the back during the whole lift.

These cues are for the conventional deadlift and sumo deadlift the cues are slightly different.


– Aarvi