The Road to Europe Pt.2

Jan 3, 2019 | The Road To Europe, Written by Leki | 0 comments

The Road to Europe Pt.2

Hi guys,

We are featuring some inside details about what it takes to travel overseas with a large sporting group. Check out the previous post where I outlined Part 1 of our Europe tour.

Iron Armour is is now enjoying a short break over Christmas before the team reassembles and continues the preparation and conditioning work of the athletes.

So I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce the management team behind the tour.

Head Coach:

Chris Aho.

You can see with his extensive experience on and off the field there is plenty of expertise for the Iron Athletes to learn off!

Head S&C:

Marcel Putaura.

Having been in peak condition himself as a bodybuilding athlete is understands the discipline and dedication that young people need to achieve great things!

Tour Managers are Rochell Aho and Emma Putaura who continue their great work in managing Iron Armour Academy both locally and abroad!

The Medical Doctor is Dr. Yves-Jean Kanyamibwa or “Dr. Yanni”. An Emergency Medical GP based in the Sunshine Coast he also had experience with a proud professional team – Saracens Rugby Club which was a great experience!

As the team physio I’ll be responsible with keeping the boys healthy and contributing to the team coach and S&C regarding how individual athletes are faring.

The Iron Armour athletes are also blessed with an awesome support group of parents and friends who are supporting the IA initiative and helping with fundraising costs to ensure the team compete well in our games in France and Portugal!

Getting closer to our trip in April 2019!

Keep an eye out for the next update coming to you in Jan!


– Leki